Colliewobbles Rescue and Rehoming Australia Incorporated

CRRA is a breed specific dog rescue and rehoming group based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Donate to make a difference today.

Respite Service

No one likes thinking about worst case scenarios, but have you ever considered what might happen to your beloved pets if any of the following were to happen to you?

If any of the above were to happen tomorrow, would your dogs be cared for and looked after? Have you made plans for who will take them in and love them the way they should be loved?

CRRA are striving to be proactive and are offering a respite and full time care service to Colliewobbles members. This means that in the unfortunate circumstance that you cannot care for your pets anymore, they will be fostered by a CRRA foster carer until a permanent home is found. Whenever multiple pets are required to be taken, CRRA will do everything they can to ensure the pets are fostered and rehomed together.

In situations where the member requires full time care for their pets, the dogs will be fostered by a CRRA foster carer until you are ready and able to take them back. During the full time foster care, members will be required to cover all daily and medical expenses incurred during their pets stay.

For more information or to apply for this service, please contact one of our friendly team members using our Contact page.